Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Dear A.I.G

Thank you for taking the money that the my fellow tax payers and myself paid to you, in the hope that you would fly straight and help bring the economy from the brink of turmoil.

Instead you have gone and paid out almost 200 millions dollars in bonuses to the people that were largely responsible for the collapse of the company in the first place. What is even worse is that you actually let some of thos employees leave the company after they received there bonus.

I would tell you that you should know better, but that would be conterproductiuve considering that you have operated outside the bounds of reality for the last decade anyways.

Luckily for you, the Federal Goverment was their to help you in your real time of need with money that really wasn't theirs. Aren't you lucky?

Maybe next time WE won't be there when you need a bailout. That is the consiquence you face from taking the money we gave you and whipping your ass with it.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


On Feburary 24th lamb of god relesed their 5th studio album with more hype than any recent heavy album in recent memory. Let this be kniwn, lamb of god definitly steped up to the plate with there new album--titled Wrath, after the wrath of god described in the bible in the form of the 7 plaques-- and have definitly impressed.

The band has taken a step forward with there sound; adding acoustic guitars, instrumentals, and more melody vocals.

Some fans of the old stuff may not like the new album, considering some of the new musical ideas that the band has explored, but this album is an artistic masterpiece.

Kudos to the band for keeping the standards high in the metal scene. It is easy for a band to get lazy after hitting the icon status that they have. Hopefully they continue to know it out of the park live for the next two years.

Friday, March 06, 2009

Valley Metro Lightrail

So, college students must be rejoicing about the opening of the lightrail. Now they can get where they need to in a timely manner at a resonable price, free! The lightrail is fast, effective and just nice in general; however, this student isn't exactly rejoicing.

I currently have 2 classes downtown at the Walter Cronkite school of Journalism which means I'm riding the lightrail at least twice a week.let me tell you something, it isn't such a great tool for students.

While the lightrail is fast and cost effective, it is NOT reliable at all. The trains almost never run on time, drivers change routes from time to time, causing riders to switch trains, and are accident prone. I have beared witness to 2 accidents and one rider having a seizure. Whike It is unfortunate for someone to have a medical issue on one of these trains, if I'm late for a test I'm screwed.

Another negative apect would have to be the shady people who populate the lightrail at night. Trust me, some of these people would have no problem stealing your wallet. Plus, I have ever smealt worse BO ever in my life.

So, when considering wheter or not to drive or ride the lightrail, just remeber there is positves and negatives to your decision.

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Professional Athletes: Heroic or Meniacle

If you are a sports fan of any sort you have to be wondering a bit about what is going on in the heads of athletes today.

Wheter its baseball's steroid issue, basketball's thug image, hockey's irrelivance, or NFL players gone wild;something, anything, has to briung these peoples egos back down to earth.

Be sure of this, though, it won't be owners.they have too much to lose in their investments on these egomaniacs.

We reward people on there athletic ability and turn a blind eye to antics off the respective arena.

It is refreashing to see NFL commisioner Roger Goodell set a standard for player conduct;however, more needs to be done. Baseball shouldn't be slapping players, such as alex rodriguez, on the wrist for cheating and lying about it. Such icons shouls face the same scrutinys any other person faces; or maybe even more considering these people make millions of dollars.

Athletes who purger themselves to congress (Roger clemens), are arrested more frequently than any gangbanger (Adam Jones, Chris Henry, and Brandon Marshall) should kicked on there collective behinds out the back door.

Tolernce is waining on profesional athletes in these tough economic times. Maybe its time to get tougher and look past their talents. They are not heros. They just get paid to play a game.


Am I the only person who doesn't find larry the cable to be funny? I mean at all!

I just finished watching the final blue collar comedy tour and was amused by bill, jeff, and ron. Not larry. He has taken the redneck mantra and strangled it of all its life. It is almost to the point where he is embarrising real rednecks.

Come on people, let's start giving real comics the attention they deservem

Monday, March 02, 2009


Hey everyone! I have gotten a new phone and number! I'm now rocking the blackberry...woo me. Now I really have the ability to update this blog more frequently.

I tend to write a bit more professionly.than my other blogs about stuff that is going on. Keep an eye out for updates.